Google Photos Gain Improved Video & Photo Editing Features On iPhone

Do you use Google Photos on your iPhone? Now, iPhone owners have access to much better video and photo editing tools.

iPhone owners who mainly rely on the Google Photos app can now access new video and photo Editing Tools. Previously, these tools were exclusive to Android devices. No doubt, these upgrades deserve a grand welcome all around.

Google Photos & Its New Storage Policy

Google Photos drew a lot of talks recently. Due to its recent change in storage policy which is all about how it handles video and photo uploads. From June 1, Google Photos will allow limited storage to users uploading photos and videos. Previously, the search engine giant offered unlimited backups ultimately to uploaded files at a bit reduced quality.

This unlimited backup to uploaded files has been the biggest draw to the app since it was first released in 2015. But, the user base of Google Photos is continually rising and also its storage costs. So, all these development forced the search engine giant to steps things back.

No doubt, it is undoubtedly going to be a big disappointment for longtime Google Photos users and fans. However, the rest of the experience with Google Photos is still lovable and so good that users can continue using the app. Most significantly, iPhone users will like to use Google Photos for a long.

Improved  Google Photos Features on iPhone

Apart from the changing storage policies, the search engine giant has introduced some advanced editing tools on the Google Photos app for iOS devices. According to updates provided on the support site of Google Photos, iPhone owners will now find a dedicated ‘Suggestions’ tab. It will offer editing-related suggestions automatically based on machine learning.

Additionally, iPhone owners can edit various things like highlights, contrast, brightness, and much more. They can edit such things with just one click. Right now, iPhone users can see two suggestions, i.e., Color Pop and Enhance, available for them. Amidst all, the search engine has said that it will continue adding more features and suggestions to help users’ landscapes, portraits, sunsets, and many more.

The Latest Video Editor Has Over 30 Controls

Among all these new additions and features introduced to Google Photos, the most impressive is the changes in the video editor. The video editor is the same one that Android users have been using since February. But, it has got a brand new user interface and many other controls.

As per Google, the new video editor can add filters, crop videos, and change the perspective. Plus, it can fine-tune and shape more granular things like contrast, brightness, etc. In simple terms, the new video editor has more than 30 editing tools that you can use to make your video look good.

It is excellent seeing Google bring these new tools and features to the Photos app for iPhone users. But, at the same time, there a few things that you need to think about the time Google has chosen to make this announcement.

Apple recently wrapped up iOS 15 software updates. With these iOS 15 updates, the company rolled out many new improvements to FaceTime and notifications. Plus, the iOS 15 updates also included a few significant improvements to the Memories app in Apple Photos. In other words, Apple reworked its Memories app entirely and included many features in it.

For example, Apple integrates Apple Music and introduced automatic color/contrast edits to give the photos a beautiful and uniform look.  Besides, it included some significant user interface tweaks and modifications to make the users’ experience better.

Apple is continually working on the Apple Photos app. It is impressive to see the tech giant is doing so much to improve users’ experience with Apple Photos.

But, Google always remains one step ahead. Even though Google has taken back the free backups, the Google Photos app is one step ahead. Thanks to its print/photo nook support, unparallel search, and continued addition of advanced features for its editing app. Apple Photos is much improved with iOS 15 updates. But, Google Photos is still dominating the market.

Know everything about the new video and photo editing features and improvements Google Photos has got for iPhone users & use the Suggestions tab to edit videos.

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