Things Google Home App Needs to Improve the Smart Home Experience

There are some very smart speakers on the market. One of those smart speakers is integrated into the Google Home app, and now in Google’s quest to control all your smart home gear- the Home app is the key. While there are some important changes already made to the app since it was first launched, but it still has a long way to go before it becomes the ultimate king who rules them all. Google Assistant is that platform that elevated toward controlling my home endeavors. Though the app seems to work fine and there is some room for improvement and make it even better. Here are some things that they do to increase the Smart Home experience even more.

Google Home app: It needs an Alarm and timer controls

While this may not seem like an issue but if you have one smart speaker in your home and if you have multiple devices or people using them, it would be great if everyone can control the alarms and timers from the Home app. That would be a great thing if that can happen. For example, if you have kids who have set the alarm for something and they left for something else, and now the alarm has gone off, and there is no notification, and you have to track down where the sound is coming from to stop it.

If a notification would show up on your phone alerting you about the timer or alarm was sounding, along with the ability to control it – that can be of great help, right.

Google Home app: It needs Better Broadcast Control

This is absolutely everybody’s wife’s least favorite of Google Assistant Smart Speakers. That is for few different reasons let us explain to you. But let us clear the air it is not the Google Home app’s fault. Their main gripe is with their kids and excessive use of Google Assistant Smart Speakers. The kids start using the Google Assistant Smart Speakers to tell their parents something instead of walking to the room to where the parents are. The other reason because the message comes through, it reacts like an echo an actual echo like an announcement or an order.

The problem arises when the broadcast message plays, and it does so simultaneously on all the speakers as if you are in some kind of rally. It will be out of sync by a word or two or worse minutes. The minutes-long delay can be creepy when you think the message is done, and then it suddenly starts playing on another device. Straight out of Horror Movies, right.

Google Home app: It needs more Robust Routines

Google has also been trying to improve another area that is Routines. You can try setting up some Routines, and it can do a good job in automating various functions. Though it is not perfect yet but having a voice command do chain reactions is nice. You can also initiate this from the Home app.

The only thing Google has to change in the Routines work is that how they are triggered via a specific time of day and get all messed up due to daylight savings time. This annoys a lot of people. Few automation options are available in the Routines, which do most of the things right. Except for things like all the devices that are included in your connected to Google Assistant cant be included in the Routines.

Google Home app: It needs Improved Device maintenance

So, if you are using a Samsung Smart thing to control some devices that aren’t compatible with or that you need additional functionality from or aren’t available from the Google Home App, the Routine section shows the duplicate device issue, which is a problem using the Google Home app.

Google Home app: Better Device organization

Device grouping is another area that the Google Home app needs improvement. As it stands, each device can only be in a single room and nowhere else. This is a difficult situation if you want to install lights in multiple groups can allow for further customization that isn’t currently available in the Google Home app.

So, to give you an example, if you have Hue lights in the room called Living Room, some of those lights are in the zone. The way it works if you turn on the lights in the Hue app, all the devices in that room will turn on.


So now we know where are the issues need to be fixed by Google. Now with the Google I/O right around the corner, do you think you will see any improvements to the Google App. Google is constantly working on improving its products. Now we hope to see improvements in the future. These are some suggestions you might like. Thank you for the read.

Here is some information that you need on the Google Home app. Also, some of the improvements that they can make to improve their ecosystem.

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