Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection: What Is It & How It Can Help Protect You

Apple is all set to give its Mail app a new privacy feature. It is designed very much similar to the App Tracking Transparency app to protect emails.

Apple is doing many important things to protect the online privacy of its users. To continue its fight to protect user’s privacy, it has added a new feature, i.e., Mail Privacy Protection, to its Mail app. In the last few years, Apple added many new features to ensure users’ privacy. Recently, it launched App Tracking Transparency app earlier in the year, which was a bit controversial. The feature looks to stop various apps from tracking iPad and iPhone users without getting their consent.

Apple Unveiled Many New Privacy-Focused Features At WWDC 2021

The tech giant revealed various new features and latest updates to iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and iPad at its WWDC 2021. In all these devices. Apple focused mainly on privacy features. For example, the tech giant has moved some processing of voice assistant Siri locally to devices. The tech giant took this step to increase users’ privacy.

At the same, Apple’s this action has resulted in an increased ability for the voice assistant, Siri. Now, the voice assistant can perform many actions even if it is not connected to the internet. Apart from these, Apple is also planning to introduce many privacy features-based subscriptions very soon. It includes a VPN and also the option for users that will enable them to hide their email addresses when they will sign-up for a website.

Apple’s New Mail Privacy Protection Feature

However, the recently announced Mail Privacy Protection is available for free users among many privacy-focused features. It is very much similar to App Tracking Transparency feature in many ways. Besides, it will protect users of various Apple devices from unknown or unwanted tracking. However, it will protect them at the email and not the level of the app.

The tech giant is rolling out this feature as part of its iPadOS 15, iOS 15, and macOS Monterey software updates. All these updates are about to arrive this year later. Once the updates are made available, it will significantly limit the access of email sender’s access to the information.

Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection: What You Can Expect?

More often, average users remain unaware that marketing and promotional emails often include personal data. It allows companies and email senders to collect some extra information about users. It is this massive amount of information that Apple wants to limit.

More importantly, Mail Privacy Protection will help stop email senders from obtaining the IP address or location of the users. Plus, it will stop them from knowing that an iPad, iPhone, and Mac user has opened the email.

Let’s consider that these are analytics tools typically designed to help deliver more and more emails targeted at potential customers. So it may get the same reaction that several companies gave to the App Tracking Transparency. But, most remarkably, it can attract the same reaction as Facebook, given the App Tracking Transparency.

Mainly, it can happen as it is an era where you can find newsletters getting a considerable surge. These have emerged as the new and advanced way to generate additional revenue by targeting potential users. However, it does not matter what type of reaction App Tracking Transparency received. If Apple is determined to roll out Mail Privacy Protection with its iOS 15 and other updates related to the operating system, nothing can deter it.

Here’s everything about Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection features designed & to be rolled out with iOS 15 to stop users from unknown & unwanted email tracking.

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