NASA Enters a Joint Venture with the University of Kentucky for Space-Tech Research

If you have heard something about the weaponization of space, well, because it’s probably true. Nevertheless, a new report has begun trending on Google that the country of the United Kingdom has joined hands with NASA for space tech. The University of Kentucky and NASA have signed an agreement that would see them leading a research institute based on space tech. 

Many countries, institutes, companies, and even groups are interested in space exploration. And, we already know the fact that the researchers of the University of Kentucky are working very closely with NASA for space exploration. As per the public knowledge, the two disparate institutions want to research together about the planet Mars, maybe the moon, and if possible, beyond as well. 

Details about the New STRI

According to the University of Kentucky’s very own website, a budget of 15 million has been accumulated for the space-tech institute. And, it is not as surprising news if you have prior knowledge about recent NASA ventures. NASA also formed a strategic partnership with ISRO for the NISAR satellite. And now and then, it launches space-tech institutes in key areas. Interestingly, NASA only opens research institutes based on space-tech in those areas that they deem strategic and favorable for future tech and explorations. 

However, the latest STRI base will be created via the budget of 15 million courtesy of a partnership between NASA and the University of Kentucky. It will be headquartered at the University of Colorado, and it will include other institutes from America, England, Portugal, and Italy. Among other groups is the University of Minnesota, University of New Mexico, University of Illinois, etc. 

The University of Kentucky will be leading the United Kingdom’s side of the work. And, in the front lines, will be a Professor of Mechanical Engineering named Alexandre Martin. He will be leading the team in developing health shield modeling, which has been described as one of the priorities of the venture. 

He has also made a statement regarding the new research institute to the University of Kentucky website. He has shared that the whole project, according to him, makes scientific sense. He added that creating an inclusive and cohesive group was imperative for this project to become successful. And, he is glad that the venture has brought forward talented researchers who also share a bond that goes as far as 10-15 years back. 

Martin is leading the lines in an extremely important part of the project. His team will be focusing on heat shields or something technically called “thermal protection systems.” It is a protective layer that safeguards any payload that is there in the aircraft during harsh flight conditions. 

Well, space exploration does indeed make young people excited. However, STRI includes only the allies of the US, which also sheds light on the fact that a massive competition is going on in terms of space research. And, we can only hope that things don’t take ugly turns. 

Space-Tech: UK, Italy, Portugal, and the US will be working on further space exploration research at STRI, which will be based in and around the University of Colorado. 

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